“We help small business thrive.”

About Us

Marketing Autopilot is a boutique marketing agency focusing on implementing sales & marketing automation for small business. With specialist knowledge, 20 years real world business experience and technical know how we provide expert solutions in Business Automation – Sales Automation & Systems – Marketing Automation & eCommerce Solutions.

We believe every small business has room to grow and with automation anything is possible.

Our delivery of services range from DIY “start-up” options right through to complete Turn Key Done-for-You solutions and extend into full application management – this is where we partner with you to manage everything for you on an ongoing basis.

To boost client success we also offer a range of training & education option & packages to empower clients & their teams to drive their business’s forward by being at the forefront of what’s new and current to stay ahead of the curve.

We live and breath automation and have the know how to extend your automation capabilities with the right addons & integrations to suit your business’s future growth & development.

Life Cycle Marketing
Marketing Funnel Experts
Customer Conversion Specialist
SMS & MMS Marketing
Membership Sites
Small Business Growth Experts

Our Skills

Our skill set comes from over 20 years experience in small business culminating on focusing to help business’s thrive with automation. At the core – is our in depth knowledge & application of Infusionsoft – The No 1 Sales & Marketing Automation tools build exclusively for small business.

  • Infusionsoft
  • Sales Systems
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Integrations
  • Mobile Marketing

Why us?

As a locally based national re-seller, implementor & trainer of Infusionsoft plus having access to a whole suite of addons to expand your automation capability. We are perfectly positioned to serve your needs because we understand how business is done locally – and how to scale up to reach broader global markets.

What is our process?
We follow the simple & effective process of the “Small Business Success Method” or SBSM for short – which is a proven system to help clients implement Lifecycle Marketing & automation.

SBSM is 5 step process:

  • PLAN

Through this process we help clients move away from typical areas of waste in a small business (i.e.plug the wholes in the bucket) and immediately identify Areas of Opportunity (i.e. fill the bucket).

We achieve this by identifying the PRIORITY PATH and how to priorities the work to reach your goals faster.

Lifecycle Marketing is a three-phase framework devised specifically for small businesses to help you transform your sales and marketing activities. It is comprised of basic strategies and tactics integrated into a single, self-sustaining process. Implementing Lifecycle Marketing phases through the affordable, easy-to-use automation technology puts you in the best position to attract, sell and wow valuable customers.

“Above all else our first step is to listen.”

How we work with our clients?
As a consultancy focused on helping clients effectively & profitably implement automation powered by Infusionsoft into their business and modeled around the framework of Lifecycle Marketing.

The way we work with clients depends primarily on the clients needs, where are they in their Infusionsoft journey and what phase of their business’s growth cycle they are in!

Our range of services can help those new to or considering Infusionsoft. Existing Infusionsoft users wanting to grow their knowledge and get full capacity of their application. Or even those wanting it all done for them with full management of their application.

We work with clients both remotely & inhouse either one-on-one or through our very popular “Lifecycle Marketing & Automation Masterclass”. Depending on the clients capacity this could be a DIY process with guided implementation, A Done-With-You process blending implementation & education or completely Done-For-You & managed package.

“Above all else our first step is to listen” and together we can work out what works best for your business right now!

How we make things happen?
With years of developing sales systems, introducing Lifecycle Marketing & Infusionsoft to small business’s – helping them on their automation journey. The way we make things happened is by following the “Small Business Success Method” of which implementation is a key component.

Within this system is identifying your PRIORITY PATH based on your goals specific to your business. Then working on getting the top priorities and low hanging fruit of your business implemented so you get an immediate ROI.

We have numerous “pre-build” campaigns ready to launch in your business that can be deployed immediately or customised to your needs – so you can hit the ground running.

But is all starts with that first conversion where we listen to you!

What are our future plans?
As a SaaS provider – “Software As A Service” business focused on delivery business automation solutions. Our Everest is “To Help 1000’s Entrepreneur Implement Automation into their small business.”

To achieve this! Our future plans are centered around developing a team of highly dedicated professionals that can help, support & nurture our customers – so THEY can create a thriving growing business powered by intelligent automated solutions.

Our Team

Pascal Martin

Chief Automation Officer

Thanks for checking in. Couple of things about me, I’m a proud dad of 4, am fluent in french, I’m addicted to Brazilian Jujitsu and I’m pretty into the whole entrepreneur thing.

My first business was an agri-business which I completely systemised and grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise which I sold to an ASX listed company. This windfall gave me the opportunity to spend a couple of years concentrating on being a dad and taking the time to decide what next.

Because of having business & sales experience – that next was to start a consultancy business helping other companies develop sales systems including training sales team as a qualified Brian Tracy International trainer. I got the reputation of being the “go to guy” when a business needed help with their sales and I worked with them to develop high converting sales systems.

I also implemented Infusionsoft into my own business and it made sense to offer Infusionsoft as one of our services so become a re-seller & partner.

Along that journey I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to 100’s of different business’s helping them implement Life Cycle Marketing, direct response marketing strategies, develop effective sales systems and implement Infusionsoft.

Having been in business for the last 20 years – I get it – It’s our passion we want to nurture it, water it and see it grow to yield a rich harvest.

In 2016 I decided to focus more exclusively on the business automation side and launched “Marketing Autopilot”.

“We help small business thrive.”

I love nothing more than watching a business owner “get it” – that lightbulb moment when they have implemented even just the simplest automation which has solved a problem that has just been holding them back – remove that thorn in their side. In that moment they see the opportunity to grow their business faster and have a sense of freedom knowing that anything is possible. They can now create the business they want!

I hold a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Business) and I’m a qualified NLP Master Practioner.

My certifications include:

  • Infuionsoft Certified Partner
  • Mobit Certified Partner
  • Plus This Certified Partner
  • VendHQ Certified Partner.
  • Certified Customer Value Optimisation Specialist


If your serious about growing and modernising your business, implementing sales and marketing systems that work, streamlining your processes to eliminate waste and build lasting scalable relationships with your customers.

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