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What Exactly is the Partner Elite Growth Program? Do I really need it?


This program is designed for those business owners who have identify that they need to partner closely with an Infusionsoft by Keap Certified Partner capable of helping them setup industry best practices & world class automation systems. A Partner capable of supporting their business growth plus their sales & marketing activities in line with their strategic plans & vision on a month by month basis.


  • Closely partner with a seasoned expert focused on your business.
  • Personal high level approach aligned to your business goals.
  • Strategic thinker capable of tactically implementing & executing best in practice processes & setups in Infusionsoft by Keap ?
  • A partner capable of working as part of a team in a collaborative proactive approach & liaise with key suppliers in order for you to stay focus on growing your business.
  • You have the the peace of mind knowing all your  implementation is getting done for you & with your team.


The Areas We Can Help You With









Our approach

The program is designed for new & existing Infusionsoft by Keap users to gain rapid measurable results using the the proven Keap/Infusionsoft system to add maximum value to your business. The program kicks off with a comprehensive strategic planning workshop to develop the marketing & business blueprint in line with your business goals. The blueprint sets the foundation ensuring critical issues are recognised & prioritised including identifying the quick wins & opportunities. The program progresses to setting up industry best practices backed with world class automation, then followed up with system optimisation & critical reporting. Along with working to maximise your ROI from you sales & marketing activities, as a Partner Elite member you be empowered with the tools and know how in place to see a realised ROI with your team trained & confident so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Here’s whats included in Partner Elite Program?

2 x 2 Hour Intensive Strategic Planning Workshops

These two strategic workshops are designed to understand your business priorities as they align with your overall goals. During these sessions we’ll dive deep to outlining an effective & agreeable plan for implementation including project scope & key benchmarks. The workshops are typically conducted in the first and third month.

15 Hours Coaching & Implementation Allocated Per Month

This is where the rubber hits the road. Each month you’ll have a dedicate 15 hours of coaching & implementation executing plans & projects outlined during planning & strategy workshop. This is where the heavy lifting gets done for you implementing advanced campaigns as required.

2 Core Integration Add on's

To expand your workflow & marketing ecosystem as a Partner Elite member you will be entitled to have two Core Marketplace Integrations incorporated into projects & scope.

2 x 2 Day Masterclass Implementation Workshops


These 2 day workshops are help throughout the year & where real traction can happen form many members.  Why! Because this is were you & your team get to roll up your sleeves to build your own campaigns specific to your needs in an incubated environment. Some real hands on learning.

During each of these workshops we’ll also focus on different areas of Lifecycle Marketing so you can implement new and innovative sales & marketing ideas.

Monthly Live Interactive Q&A Webinars

These valuable interactive webinars are held monthly and run between 60 to 90 minutes and designed to help you with anythig related to Infusionsoft by Keap, Lifecycle Marketing & other valuable marketing concepts.

This is your chance to get extra-regular feedback and coaching to help you get unstuck in any area plus learn from others.

Members Only Area & Exclusive Resources

The members area is an important hub of information and where you can manage your membership activities plus get access to members only training and resources.

Private Facebook Group

Join other like minded Partner Elite members is this open forum all striving towards growing their businesses. Collectively sharing ideas & experiences as well as getting the latest news and updates.

Priority Support

 Phone & Email Support

As a Partner Elite member you get dedicated priority support and emergancy care. Partner with us also means a level of direct Keap support reserved exclusively to partners. We’ll deal with Infusionsft/Keap directly to get any issues resolved pronto.

Your assurance is your support is local and in your time zone.

Additional Project Blocks

 20% Discount rate for Partners Elite Members

For those with bigger projects needing more time & dedicated focus outside the allocated 15 hours per month of coaching & implementation, can purchase additional hours at a heavily discounted rates.

This special rate is fixed even after the program.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Growth minded busy business owners who don’t have themselves or a team member with the time to learn & implement Infusionsoft by Keap.
  • Owners or managers with a clear direction on that they want to achieve &/or implement month by month.
  • Business owners who just want someone to take charge and get Infusionsoft by Keap implemented and working.
  • Business’s who can provide decisions, content & marketing assets in a timely manner.
  • Business owners whom are open to suggestions on best practices.

If any of these relate to you then apply today to get started!

What we won’t be doing?

You will be given priority as a Partner Elite member however this program does not cater for the following:

  • Day to day operational tasks or data entry.
  • Taking on large complicated projects with unrealistic time frames. (Planning is key!)
  • Having shifting urgent priorities. (Again planning is key!)

We are Partnering with you to help your small business thrive.

With the Partner Elite Package you will have the necessary tools, support & strategies in place to see a realised Return on your Investment. The outcome is for your business to have a fully functioning automation system, with full visibility & reporting and your team trained and confident so you can get on with what you do best.

Focusing on running & growing your business.

Currently Supp0rted Apps & Platforms

…plus many others. Just ask if you have others in mind…!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum commitment?

The Partner Elite Program is a continuous 4 month minimum commitment and there after a rolling month-to-month. This ensures 100% focus on getting your results and improvement to fully capitalise on your Infusionsoft/Keap investment, but most importantly enough time to properly development your systems and execution of your strategies.

We do however want to partner with you long term and continue to support your growth.

What deliverables should I expect each month?

The program comes with 15 hours allocated per month to divide up between coaching, consulting & implementation. During our intensive strategic planning sessions, together we’ll outline project scope including delivery schedules inline with reasonable project implementation.

Where do you conduct the strategic planning sessions?

The two strategic planning sessions are conducted at our offices locating in Brisbane. Alternatively we can undertake them via video conference. Some clients enjoy these sessions at their office but this can incur additional travel & accommodation expenses depending on the location.

can I have my team come to the Implementation workshop?

It is encouraged to have your team with you. You can have up to 4 members attend and unlimited number sit in on the monthly webinars. Often teams achieve a whole lot more when all working on a project together.

Are core integrations part of my allocated monthly hours?

During your membership you can have up to 2 core market place integrations  undertaken. Integration typically can take up to half a day to implement and do not count to your allocated hours. Any campaign that branch off these integrations however do.

Do you do custom API work?

We can do custom API work however it is not part of this program. Any API development work will be quoted on an individual case by case basis. However more often than not the supported apps and platforms generally can often achieve many custom API goals (within reason..)

I need some copy Writing & Graphic design work done, can you do it?

Copy writing & graphic design are not part of this program. We can provide copy writing and graphic design services quoted on an individual basis or direct you to quality suppliers.

Do you build websites & membership sites?

We don’t provide website or landing page services per say. However we do build membership sites which we can host and support if required. If you choose to use your allocated hours towards building  a membership site it is your choice. It is however recommended that a membership site be designed and quoted as a dedicated project outside of the program. We only recommend and use Memberium for membership sites.

Hear how our clients have benefited from working with us

We had tried using salesforce before, without success until Pascal introduced us to Infusionsoft by Keap. With Pascal’s help we’ve been able to completely systemise our automotive aftermarket supply business and saw a 600% increase in growth in the business. Just increadible. Pascal patiently takes the time to really understand my business and help us realise our goals. I consider him part of our team.

Erika Wager

Director, Nu-Line Solutions

We joined the program knowing we needed help to systemise our business. Following our initial strategic planning sessions we just followed Pascal’s advice and our business virtually doubled in 3 months. Just increadible. With Pascal guidance we systemised our bridal program which dramatically reduced our workload and increased our capacity to take on more business. I am so thankful for Pascal’s help because we couldn’t have done it without him.

Kellie Ashton

CEO, Fresh Events

Limited Openings Available

Investment only $2480 +GST / Month

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